Aakay Prime

Bring healthcare to your doorsteps.

We’re here to make your nutrition simplified and personal. Our creators passionately formulated products that work for everyone! We believe in holistic care and each product caters to every need of your body.

Aakay Prime is the by-product of AK Clinics, a chain of Hair & Skin Clinics established by Dr. Aman Dua and Dr. Kapil Dua in 2007 with a soul vision to “transform looks”.

Our creators realized the need for an honest supplement brand that people, our patients, could trust and which catered to the need of “one and all”. The idea and vision of Aakay Prime are to offer premium healthcare products that give you simple, scientific, and practical solutions for a healthier lifestyle.


Why Choose Grolocs?

Complete Package for Hair-Related Problems

A blend of clinically-proven natural and western ingredients that not only ensures that your hair loss is under control but also promotes hair growth.

Recommended by Dermatologists and Hair Restoration Experts

60% of Dermatologists around the globe use vitamins and vital nutrients to treat hair loss. It’s a proven method for treating and curing hair loss at an early stage.

Made by trusted Hair restoration surgeons

Grolocs is formulated by Hair Restoration Surgeons with over 20+ years of experience in the domain. You can trust them, they know what’s good for you!

Never done before formulas

When we say we know what’s best for you, we mean it! Our doctors have created a formulation that 1. checks all the points, 2. is one of a kind, and 3. is made to fit your needs!


How does Grolocs work?

We believe in figuring out the problem before giving a solution to our customers! Hair loss can be due to a lot of underlying factors – be it a vitamin deficiency or excessive stress. So how do we tackle multiple problems? This is where Grolocs comes to play!

The Grolocs range works by fulfilling your daily requirement of vitamins (micro-macro), amino acids, and nutrients, essential for hair growth. It’s formulated with ingredients that are proven to stimulate hair growth by also targeting hair loss due to scalp inflammation and environmental stress, and other related causes.

We are a scientific-based company that focuses on innovation and goal-oriented results. All of our products have ingredients with scientifically proven benefits for hair loss that provide high-value care to hair problems!