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Food for your hair!

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Note: We recommend taking it with Grolocs Hair Kit to see the best results!
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Vegetarian Sugar-free Plant-based Ingredients Gluten-free

Grolocs hair food is a hair-strengthening powder that caters to your daily protein needs and promotes hair, skin, and nails growth. It’s a complete care package for hair loss that occurs due to a lack of vital nutrients and vitamins. Carefully created by our experts-this power-packed powder contains micronutrients and the right amount of protein to fulfill your daily requirements. A never-done-before formula with a unique set of ingredients- DHA, Evening Primrose Oil, Green Apple Extracts, Turmeric- that have been scientifically proven to prevent hair loss, increase volume, and shine from within.
A tasty blend of goodness that will make sure your hair is taken care of!

Tries to cover up the basic protein requirement of the body with added nutrients

  1. Promotes hair growth with micronutrients and natural ingredients
  2. Prevent hair fall with its antioxidant-rich formula
  3. Supports strong scalp health
  4. Gives you lustrous, thick, and shiny hair, skin, and nails


  1. To be avoided by lactose intolerant patients.


  1. For an adult: 3-level scoops a day in 100 ml water or milk along with your daily meal once a day.
  1. Whey Protein Concentrate
  2. Evening Primrose Oil
  3. DHA
  4. Folic Acid
  5. Plant-Based Biotin
  6. Curcumin
  7. Micro/Macro Nutrients

Q. How does Hair Food work?
A. A super blend of protein, antioxidants, and micronutrients, Hair food is a tasty solution for your problems. It works by fulfilling the protein, vitamins, and nutrient requirements of your body, and ingredients like Evening Primrose, and omega-3 that help with hair growth and thickness.

Q. Does it have any side effects?
A. The powder is clinically tested and has no known side effects. It contains skimmed milk powder so should be avoided by people with lactose intolerance.

Q. To see results, how long should I consume this?
A. Consume the supplement for 3-4 months to see visible results.

Q. Is there any added flavoring?
A. Yes, the hair food has added vanilla flavoring.

Food for your hair


Caters to all your needs!

High-Quality Protein

Our products contain Whey Concentrate with 80-85% protein content. It delivers high protein per serving compared to the other protein powders on the market.

Hair Growth Stimulating Ingredients

Grolocs Hair Food contains clinically proven ingredients that promote hair growth like- Evening Primrose Oil, DHA, Curcumin, and plant-based Biotin.

Good for your gut

Grolocs Hair Food is free from ingredients that cause bloating. We advise our consumers to take it with water, making it even lighter for your gut!


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